Unique Places You Must Visit in California


In the Pacific region lies the contemporary golden state of California, the “City by the Bay”. It encompasses several scenes and terrains; the frolic atmosphere that envelops Los Angeles, the atypical effulgence of the southern shorelines. Whether it is the vivacious hiking along the northern dales or traveling the up-and-down city. You are also bound to enjoy the trend-defining cuisine inside California’s welcome center, San Francisco. Below are some of the best places you can relish without regrets.

1. Yosemite

It boasts of famous scenery along the trails of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Yosemite’s family tour will lead you across the national park, either you camp at the valley and take the fly fishing tour, back-parking or take on the star gazing tour. The Nevada falls loop offers one of the best sceneries, with the best outdoor activities like hiking trails. You won’t get enough of the waterfalls and photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Lake Tahoe

Arguably one of the best places you can’t miss. Located in the Sierras, it is famed for its limpid water and steep granite cliff sides. Renting a boat will prove quite an adventure as you race with the locals. Beautiful Lake Tahoe offers quite a picture perfect prospect as you take advantage of its hiking trails.

3. Death Valley

Yes! Don’t worry about the name but this is one vast destination you must consider. Challenge yourself with a hike to the snow capped mountains, prospect of Zabriskie point, unique mountains, beautiful sand dunes, ruins of ghost towns. Down the Grapevine Mountains, stand the famed Scotty’s Castle where you can be taken on an underground mystery tour.

4. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

If you are lucky enough to take your vacation to the north, you can take on a glass collecting expedition. These are keepsake treasures which were dumped early in the years by the original inhabitants. The glazing scenery offers one of the best stimulating scenes of California. You can enjoy a beach camp, sunbathing under the warm sunburst along the colorful waterfront characterizing the splendor of glasses washed ashore. The beaches are clear and beautiful, a holiday here won’t disappoint.

5. Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara

Along the sandy beaches of this coastal town, exists quite a bunch of interesting cooling points. One of the best sceneries in this place is the changing color of the beautiful sky. As you grab your drink you are bound to witness one the most vibrant atmospheres as compared to other coastal towns.


While a lot can be said about the state of California, being the bed of entertainment, it is beyond doubt it is the epitome of leisure. This post is just a conspectus of its wealth. A lot can be said and done but it can never be forgotten that places like the Burney Falls in Shasta County, McWay Falls, the Avalon and much more will never let you down. All you have to do is prepare well for the journey. Enjoy California.

Tell us where you traveled and where else you would recommend are readers’ experience. Enjoy you vacation!

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