Details of my trip to Australia

Traveling to Australia was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Besides the charming landscapes, the population is hospitable and there’s fun for the whole family.

The Gold Coast city was one of those I visited on this trip. The journey started in Sydney and can be done by plane or by car, but air travel is usually more advantageous as it is quite cheap at different times of the year and takes only 1 hour to complete. The great attractions of Gold Coast were the beautiful beaches and the various parks. This city is warmer than the Australian capital, making it ideal for those who enjoy coastal walks.

The next town I visited was Byron Bay. There the most interesting was the huge public barbecue, where my friends and I were able to prepare our lunch. On our menu there were sausages, meats and prawns. The location is close to the Gold Coast and the path can be done by car.

Amusement parks are more concentrated in Brisbane, a pretty town and surrounded by great vegetation. This region is very interesting for those who want to have fun all day in parks. In addition, it is a fairly safe place in relation to several aspects.

In Melbourne, what I liked the most were the many cultural attractions. There are a wide variety of bars and entertainment venues. It’s quite common for artists to show their work on the streets. The city is quite colorful and has some small colorful houses that serve as a postcard for any visitor.

The Australian food is quite tasty. A common habit in the Australian population is to barbecue fish and shrimp. These foods are prepared with typical seasonings and it’s delicious. Pies are quite popular in several regions of the country and it’s equally delicious and well-seasoned. The habit of drinking coffee is very common in Australia. That way, there is a plethora of cafes throughout Australian cities. In these establishments it’s possible to opt for traditional flavors or for those more exotic.

I discovered on this trip that Australia is a major wine producer. My favorite was the white wine served at lunchtime in Sydney. The taste is very different from all the wines I have ever tasted and is deliciously light; ideal to accompany a meal in the middle of the day.

The city Withsundays is unforgettable because it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Whitehaven. The landscape of this beach is really surreal, it seems like a dream. It’s one of the most frequented beaches precisely because of its unusual beauty.

In Port Stephens I had quite interesting experiences. In this city I could see dunes and wonderful beaches, besides beautiful dolphins playing in the sea and many camels. Soon after, I went to a region known as Jervis Bay, where I could see the sand of the beach considered the whitest in the world.

Overall the sunset is beautiful in all cities, but in Melbourne it was even more beautiful. Some people, mainly tourists, usually gather to watch this spectacle of nature.

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