Country Living

Country life will always be an option to everyone whichever point of view one has about residence. At one point in time we travel or visit a resident who lives in the country. What we notice first of all is the clean air, cool breeze, awesome free space and an environment that is attractive.

Breath the Clean Air

A clean atmosphere is everyone’s liking. If you embrace country living this is what si going to welcome you each time you step outside your country house. This is a result of more vegetation, less vehicles, few industries, and less industrial waste just to mention a few, which contribute to this. Spending time in an environment like this is another way of ultimately improving your health.

Cultivating Your Own Crops and Livestock

Space gives you many more options in cultivation. You already have the large farm, all you need to is farm! The idea of growing more organic foods is primary; livestock is also a source of healthy food. The farm is an important aspect of living healthier too.

It’s More Inexpensive

The further you are from cities and residential areas the more economical you presumably will be. The cost of living goes down in comparison to being closer or even in the city. The fact that this is the source of most of the products sold in the city for example food products then definitely living at the source gives you an edge over the others living away from these areas.

More Safety in the Country

Security is vital to a human being, crime rates in cities has always increased, even though there are more police and security officers. On the contrary, country living has less than 1% crime related issues which makes it some of the safest places to live.

Care for Neighbors Well-Being

People living here naturally get concerned about their neighbors, friends, and generally anyone living close to them. This is where you will find very friendly people. How many times can you actually get someone in the city streets saying hello to you? Probably none at all, it’s amazing how this all changes when you live away from the cities and towns. It actually gives you a sense of peace and happiness.

Less Stress

The fact that in this environment things tend to move slower, it’s more productive in terms of having your mind free from stress related issues like office deadlines, strict timelines, so much moving from point A to point B and others that can be detrimental to living a comfortable life.

In conclusion, a combination of all these mentioned here above and more, can give you a life worth living and enjoying. The freedom to do all that you want to is at your disposal. Country living will give you an urge to live in communion with nature, man , and definitely the activities that you get engaged in. If you think this is the life, then you are right! Even though there are shortcomings to this, the merits overly outweigh the demerits making it the best choice.

Tell us about why you decided to move out to the country.

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