The 4 Indicators You Don’t Have a Proper Work-Life Balance… Yet

I want to share with you four signs that your life is not in proper balance because if you’re not in balance, you won’t feel confident.

Not Feeling Productive

The first sign that your life is out of balance is if you’re not really being very productive. There’s a four letter word that I particularly hate and that is busy. It’s the worst word you could possibly use when you run your own business because busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive and often times when your life is out of balance you’re focusing all of your time and attention on all the wrong things and that’s what keeps you busy but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are actually achieving anything. When you’re more balanced then you tend to have more ability to prioritize and you get things done when the need to get done. If you find that you’re not being productive perhaps that’s a sign that you have to get more balance into your life.

Working Too Long

The second clue that your life might not be in balance when it comes to work in particular is that you tend to work longer and longer hours. You know what I’m talking about. I’m so guilty of doing this in the past and it’s something that I really try and work on. It’s related to the first point that if you are too busy and you’re not prioritizing properly and you’re not being productive then you have to play catch up so you have to spend more time at work to get the things done that you needed to get done. If you find that you are staying late at work late that’s probably a sign that your life is not in balance.

Increased Stress and Anxiety

The third sign that your life might not be in balance is an increase in stress and anxiety. It stands to reason if your life is not in balance you’re not being as productive as you should be you’re not prioritizing things properly you’re spending hours at work not getting anything done. No wonder you’re feeling stressed and anxious. Stress and anxiety is not conducive to your confidence. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious it probably means, you guessed it, you’re life is not in balance.

Increased Sick Days

The fourth clue that your life is not in balance is an increase in sick days. If your body is taking strain and you’re finding that you’re struggling to get out of bed you develop a cough you develop aches and pains you’re generally not feeling well. It’s no wonder if you’ve got all of this stress and anxiety you’re working really late into the night you’re not sleeping as much as you should you’re not being as productive as you possibly could. No wonder your body is going to start taking strain and we all know that when a body is not well then the rest of our lives doesn’t feel well either. And that is going to impact your confidence in a huge way.

If you’re suffering with any of those then focus on where the balance is off kilter in your life and start to put more energy and effort into those places where balance is lacking. I guarantee you when you have a more balanced life you’ll have more confidence.

Here’s some work life balance tips that helped me a lot last year.  Hopefully they help you, too!

6 Work Life Balance Tips for The New Year

As we go into the new year, it’s always good to get a refresher for new ways to maintain a healthy work life balance. Consider some of these ways to help you balance your business and personal life. We know we all could use some more tips!

Implement Systems

The first thing you guys have to do it order to establish a work life balance is to develop a system to support you to balance everything. Especially starting now, you guys need to start implementing system structures in your business to where you’re getting every single thing done in a timely manner and that you’re more productive instead of busy.

Some of you are very busy, but you’re not productive. You gotta be more productive in everything you do in your business. Productivity in how productive you are today versus how busy you are is an important distinction. Everybody’s busy.

You have to Get Moving

This is extremely extremely important okay now you have to get moving. Okay start early in the week with a goal of mind. I gotta figure out what is going to come over the holidays and help towards the business because around this time, 99% of us we slow down. We allow the the work life balance structure to be thought out the window. Around this time is an awesome opportunity now for you to engage with audiences even start growing your list. so that you do have people to market to come January.

Nip the time-wasting activities

Reduce the time wasters right now. How much time do you spend on surfing the internet rather than dominating the internet? How many of you guys spent more time surfing social media instead of dominating social media?

Manage Your Time

Nobody’s going to give your business the time– you have to do it. When you guys start to become serious about your business, everyone else will, too. When you start to become extremely serious now, now that would be the time you could double your business. You have to get laser focused. Focus so important.

Technology needs to be your best friend

You need to be using technology that you’re comfortable with using. The technology you use must also be within your budget. There are several things out there that’s cheap as $2 a month that you guys could implement in your business which is going to make it more automated. Technology is going to provide you more freedom to do other things so you can get out there and market more.

You already have a problem if you don’t use technology. You must harness your technology. If you’re not set up reminders or automation or if you’re not using social selling skills or even know how to online market to your target audience, you must learn much more this is for next year.

You’re going to dominate

People are becoming educated first before they would even consider buying something from you so that’s why a lot of people of social media influencers are now becoming more valuable. Taking and giving testimonials is definitely going to add thousands of dollars to your business over the next few years. Not looking at your website; not looking at how many friends you got all Facebook. People want more value.  Focus on what’s important and dominate your industry this year.

I hope this information is helpful for you guys because work life balance is hard.

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