About us

Bad Inter Server, what?  That’s right — recharge your life, robot.  Get a life.  That’s what this blog is all about — learn more about us.

For far too long, we’ve been programmed– incorrectly.  This blog is developed to help you think correctly.  That is by thinking truth and facts only.  It’s been a project in the works.  As it develops, we’d appreciate your readership as we grow this into a larger force.

BadInterServer.net is the spot where we help you reprogram your life for success.  No pressure, though — if it’s not for you, no problem!

We just feel that society has gotten to a point where a new site like this is needed.  Where can you find the best tools tips and tricks?  Beats me– we’re not sell-outs!  We’re the real deal.  Join us.  We are a powerful force.