10 Exciting Things to do in Charleston SC

It’s in homemade Charleston, in the center of the mosaic, in the center of the city, covered with Spanish moss. Historical houses are also numerous, The House of Nathaniel Russell, the Drayton Hall and the Plantation and Gardens of Magnolia are just a few examples. And if you want to receive gifts for travel, maybe a sweet bun, do not look for anything special in the market town of Charleston. There are also several beaches, Folly Beach and Palm Island, which are ideal for swimming in wintry weather and for walking in wintry weather, among others. What exactly is there to do in Charleston, SC?

Walking Tours

With its century-old pavilion and cobbled streets, Charleston is like a living museum. One of the best ways to learn the best of history and ghosts) and walk through the most famous places. The existence of a paranormal tour in the historic center of the city is available in major cities, pirates and several art galleries and studios where you can discover many opportunities for excursions. The last tour includes traces of Charleston, historical walking tours to Oyster Point and two rounds of sisters. A full list of available walks can be found on the website of the Bureau of Conferences and Conferences of Charleston.

Boat Tours

Do not forget to sign up for a boat tour to better see Charleston Harbor (and even some dolphins that you can see). in the water not only enjoy the time, they will also have the opportunity to learn more about the city’s marine history (many ship captains, provide comments throughout the tour). Along the way, you will probably find Pilton, Waterfront Park, Arthur Revenel Jr will see some of Charleston’s main attractions like the bridge, Fort Sumter and Pinckney Castle. In Charleston, there are several tours and operators (including special flights) that offer a special experience for all types of passengers. Adventure Harbor Tours are highly appreciated by previous visitors for the excursions and sunsets of Morris Island. Sailing on the ship, cruising with the crew on cruises, especially that there are options for improvement and finishing, especially if you are interested in sailing techniques, are also very popular schooner.

The Battery

Many visitors say that you cannot leave Charleston without seeing the tension in the southern part of the city. This series of southern-style houses overlooking Charleston Harbor was the heart and activity of the City of the Sea in the past. Today the region attracts tourists from all over the country.

Middleton Place

If there is a place where you can stop and smell the roses, he will be at home. It was Arthur Middleton’s home in the past. Today, Middleton Place is an impressive collection of historic furniture and paintings (all of the Middleton family than the original), and also includes the constant evolution of heritage pets. Visitors can also see the skills and techniques of former workers on an 18th century farm, or they can take a car or a private tour. Take time to eat at the Middleton Place restaurant, inspired by traditional traditional cuisine.

The Nathaniel Russell House Museum

At the beginning of the 19th century, a wealthy merchant, these historic southern home of Nathaniel Russell, magnificent spiral staircase, famous for its great furnishings and gardens. Unlike Aiken Riding House, the house of Nathaniel Russell underwent an internal architectural restoration. The house of Nathaniel Russell, sitting in the Charleston chest, with the elbow of a battery. Open on Saturdays from 10,00 a.m. to 5,00 p.m. Sunday starts from 2,00 to 5,00, the last round, at 4,30. Each adult day costs 12 dollars, and an entrance fee for children is $ 5. If you are visiting the house of Aiken-Rhett, you can also buy the common ticket for $ 18 (US $ 10 per child) for each subject.

Fort Sumter National Monument

You may remember Fort Sumter as a place where the first battle of civil war took place in 1861. Today you can see where the real action is going on the ferry. Do not rush to explore the thick stone caves that contain various fields in the Civil War era. You should also visit a small but informative museum, which contains detailed information about Fort Sumter’s role on the battlefield. According to most visitors to Charleston, Fort Sumter should see children and history buffs. The Fort Sumter National Memorial is located a few miles southwest of the city on a small island in Charleston Harbor. The Monument Monument departs from Patriot Point, which is opposite the Freedom Square Visitor Center and the USS Yorktown Public Parking (parking is available at both departure points). Although the ferry trip is not the main attraction, it is the most fun, relaxing and wonderful way to see some types of this area The transfer is made to Kalaya and Ranger Negotiations every day, but working hours vary according to the season. Trekking in Fort Sumter is impossible, but you can see the historical discussion under the watchman’s guard 10 minutes before trekking. Guards and volunteers are ready to answer your questions.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan Island, a 3.3-square-mile island, does not need to visit Charleston. But this beach town proves that good things come in small groups. Sullivan’s beaches, delightful restaurants and exclusive shops are rich in history, less than 16 km east of the city center at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. You will also find a great selection of vacations, Charleston is a more valuable alternative if you want to bring back some hotels and bed and breakfasts that can offer even more Drayton Hall Drayton Hall, built in 1738, is one of the oldest deposits in the south. Take time to explore a large red brick palace that has not changed since its construction (remember that there is no air conditioning, electricity or heating). Then you can navigate two paths along the Ashley River and Swamp or pay your respect for the African American Cemetery.

H.L. Hunley Submarine

Originally built for the Confederate army in 1864, H.L. Hunley was the first successful submarine in the world. At the end of the 19th century, it suddenly disappeared into the sea until 1995, when it was discovered on the island of Sullivan. In 2000, the remains of Hunley and his crew were transported to the roof of the Old Charleston Naval Base for detailed restoration. Today you can visit the base and visit the submarine, if you are interested in the experience of many new visitors, especially on the date of shipment, your time is worth it Travelers, H.L. He made a trip to Hunleyy, which is not very suitable for children, since it is not an interactive museum and could say that a public restoration project would attract the attention of young children.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

The Middleton Place gardens and paths cut from the fence covered in flowers and pull the fans, farms and gardens of the magnolia in many places where you can go if you are a nature lover. Yes, the house is one hour away from its time, less elegant than the other Charleston country house, but the interior is beautiful, but most visitors come here to enjoy the wildlife. My choice of his eyes in an Audubon Park swamp, stealing otters and turtles, taking his binoculars and searching for birds at the local waterfowl shelter, demands a helmet and bike at a loss of several tracks or in a maze of horticulture. Travelers recently agreed that the petting zoo is a wonderful place to bring children. There are also some guided tours, each dealing with a different aspect of the history of the farm or its natural environment. The last visit is especially advisable for 45 minutes, “The freedom of the slavery, In the whole project of the magnolia” (cost $ 8) and 30 minutes in a tour of the house.

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